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Justin Shing Physiotherapy Band Exercise

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Prescription can be used to prevent, treat, and manage a range of chronic health conditions, pain, and injuries. Often, exercises is the key component in the rehabilitation process. It is a type of therapy that patients’ are able to continue with even when not at the clinic. 

Physiotherapists are experts in training the body to move and move efficiently. They can prescribe safe and effective exercises after considering multiple factors such as a patient’s health status, baseline fitness, goals, and preference. Exercise (movement) prescription is used to correct body mechanics and restore mobility to an injured area. It can be as simple as stretching to help loosen tight muscles. But can also include strengthening weak muscles.  

No previous experience is needed! Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, or dealing with a more long-term pain such as arthritis, exercises and movement can help you feel better.

Exercise Therapy Justin Shing
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