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Virtual Appointments

Initial Visit                    45 min

Subsequent Visits    30 min

Checking in                  15 min


Tele-Health physiotherapy appointment is the use of a one on one video or audio call to help patients. Virtual appointments are used to assess and treat you from the comfort of your own home when you are unable to attend an in-person session.


Telehealth may be convenient for you if you're traveling for work and have difficulty scheduling in-person appointments, are an individual who is at risk in the community, or have difficulty leaving your home. 


    With a telehealth appointment physiotherapists can:

  • Take a detailed history to provide an accurate diagnose

  • Examine the range of motion and movements

  • Evaluate strength

  • Prescribe exercises and stretches

  • Correct exercise form and provide cues to perform them more effectively

  • Provide education on patient’s injury or condition

  • Help train another person to assist you with exercises and stretches 

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