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Sports Physio and Flag Football


Sport Physio: Maintaining our Quarterbacks

Our quarterback is the cornerstone of Vancity Vice, requiring peak physical condition to lead the team effectively. Justin Shing Physiotherapy focuses on maintaining the health and performance of our quarterback's throwing arm, particularly the rotator cuff. Regular treatments and targeted exercises ensure our leaders can deliver accurate, powerful throws without risking injury.

Sport Physio: Ankles, Calves and Hamstrings

Receivers endure constant sprinting, quick direction changes, and high-impact landings. This intense physical demand can lead to issues with ankles, hamstrings, and hips. Justin Shing employs dry needling and manual therapy to address tightness, improve flexibility, and prevent injuries. This proactive approach helps our receivers maintain their speed and agility throughout the season.


Sport Physio: Cleats and Feet

Flag football puts significant stress on the feet, leading to common issues like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and turf toe. Justin Shing Physiotherapy offers specialized treatments to manage these conditions, ensuring our players can perform at their best. Custom orthotics, therapeutic exercises, and manual adjustments keep our players' feet healthy and pain-free.

Sport Physio: Contact Sports and Concussions

Justin Shing provides comprehensive concussion management, including baseline testing, symptom monitoring, and safe return-to-play protocols. This ensures our players' long-term health is prioritized and that they only return to the field when fully recovered. Read more about concussion care and the use of SCAT5 testing.


Sport Physio Training Programs

Justin Shing Physiotherapy offers invaluable medical advice to prevent overtraining and ensure our athletes perform safely. He provides training programs to strengthen weak muscles, promotes rest and rehabilitation for injuries, and pre-game athletic taping offers additional support to vulnerable joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injury. This holistic approach to player health enables Vancity Vice to compete at the highest level.

Justin Shing's dedication to keeping Vancity Vice healthy, from rookies to seasoned veterans, is integral to our success. His expertise in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention ensures that every player is prepared, protected, and performing at their peak.

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