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Justin Shing Physiotherapy

Movement is Medicine

Injury and Sports Rehabilitation

Justin Shing Physiotherapy

Justin Shing is a licensed Physiotherapist, helping people who are struggling with physical pain, particularly in injury recovery and sports rehabilitation.

Justin works with people who are frustrated with patterns that keep pain in their lives and who seek lasting change.


Every therapist's approach is a little different. He offers different services to help with your unique needs. 

Justin Shing's Physiotherapy practice is based on a dedication to achieving your goals by using a full-body, personalized approach. This is key to reducing pain, improving movement, and preventing future injuries.

During your first visit, expect a detailed assessment followed by treatment, involving a combination of manual therapy, education, dry needling, and exercise therapy.  Justin Shing uses a one on one approach to treatment, and each treatment plan is tailored with the patient's goal in mind. We hope to empower you with knowledge and confidence to overcome your injury and decrease potential setbacks in the future.

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Justin Shing Physiotherapy offers a comprehensive range of trusted physiotherapy services throughout Vancouver Marpole, Burnaby and Metrotown. Our experienced physiotherapist, Justin Shing, provides safe and effective treatments including dry needling, manual therapy, and exercise therapy amongst other treatment methods. Learn more about the types of Physiotherapy techniques offered.

Manual Therapy

Justin Shing Manual Therapy

Dry Needling

Justin Shing Dry Needle
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Sports Rehab

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Exercise Therapy

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Light and Shadow

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 Find Justin Shing Physiotherapy at the following locations. All patients are welcome, book online for an appointment today.

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